A painting of two green delious apples. Nice


Since this painting is an uncommon size, it is mounted to a piece of acid-free 10" x 8" cardstock to make it easier to frame. It is mounted with tac putty so it is easy to remove if you choose to frame it differently.


The one hour painting is an exercise I do regularly to create an interesting composition and moods with everyday household objects. I try to always focus on the parts of the painting that needs the most attention and not overwork the object.


Each time I practice this exercise I have different priorites. Some days I try to focus on color, some days I focus on value and sometimes I am trying to learn from others paintings I enjoy.

Pair of Apples


    Title | Pair of Apples

    Medium | Oil on Cardboard

    Dimensions | 6" x 6"

    Year | 2016


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