This painting is part of a 14 painting series titled “Chester’s Cats”.  The name is a pun on the well known Cheshire Cat and my father’s given name, Chester.  These paintings are based on polaroids from an old photo album of my father’s I found while cleaning my parent's attic in 2015.  I decided to hang onto it since my curiosity always peaked when I see photos of my parents in their younger years.  I think it is fascinating to look at past events that eventually lead to our future selves. 

      However, I was even more surprised to find many photos of his two pet cats.  I would not characterize my father as a sentimental man, so seeing that he cared about these cats so much to use expensive and precious film to capture them was alien to me.

      These paintings attempt to visually embody the feelings I experienced the first time I looked at these photographs my father took.  While the originals are dull in color and often monotone, my paintings have saturated color to convey my immediate connection to my father’s creative side and the subjects vanish into the background at times like ghosts to express the mystery that shrouds who my father was before I was born.  The discovery of these images lead me down a speculation rabbit hole.

"Victims In-Waiting"


    Title | "Victims In-Waiting"

    Medium | Acrylic on Canvas Paper

    Dimensions | 11 " x 8 1/2”

    Year | 2017


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